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How to Invite Professionally (The Do's and Don'ts)

  One of the most skill that you must have to learn about your MLM business is the skill of inviting.

But unfortunately, it was taught unprofessionally to many network marketers.The 90% of network marketers are still taught kidnapping, pilitanbasta sama ka lang, and other wrong method of inviting.
And most likely it is the lack of proper training so most network marketers become unethical in doing and practicing it. If you don't learn "how to invite" you will probably lose and burnout. 

Today I want to share with you the do's and don'ts in inviting.

1. Don't Spam in Facebook (pages/groups).

   Many network marketers, especially online marketers always do this kind of unprofessional tactics. Please don't do this you will only  make you a bad impression to others and totally banned by the admin of every group.  

    Respect the group or pages, if the page is about real estate don't post about your business, if it's about photography again don't post anything about your business there. You have already probably seen it online many times like, "Join our company now", "We have the best marketing plan,"  "Our products are the best."

This is sale pitching, people don't buy or join in you when they feel na pagkakakitaan mo lang sila.  Build rapport first until they know enough about you and trust you, that you can help them. Then share the amazing opportunity that you have.

2. Don't mislead your prospect using terms like: "part time job", "Inom tayo", etc.

  Your network marketing business is not a job, it's a business. And don't use "inom tayo" strategy kapag nag invite ka ng prospect mo dahil hindi naman inuman o bar ang opisina niyo. One of the most unprofessional way of inviting is the kidnap technique.

One of the most unprofessional way of inviting is the kidnap technique. Well, fellow network marketers don't use these lines because you will only destroy your trust with your prospect and lose your credibility. People don't do business with people whom they don't trust.

   Kaya pasong paso na ang network marketing sa tingin ng karamihan dahil sa ganitong uri 
ng maling gawain. Because of this most people believe that MLM is a scam. For the sake of our industry don't practice this kind of wrongdoing. Network marketing is an incredible profession, so be professional in every way you do and learn the right skills.

3. Don't say too much.

    When you watched  a great movie probably you would share it with your friends and you are too excited to tell it. Sa sobrang excited mo naikwento mo na ang ending ng story ng movie sa mga kaibigan mo.Ngek. Sa tingin mo magiging excited at gaganahan pa silang  manuod ng movie na kinuwento mo? Of course not. 

   When relating to inviting saying too much to your prospect will kill his/her level of curiosity. Most likely they will say "I know that already","Oh that's the pyramiding scheme again." As much as possible be neutral in your answers and don't tell too much. Don't sell the business but sell the meeting.

4. Don't push anyone to attend.

     Robert Kiyosaki once said, "Network marketing is perfect for everybody
but everybody is not perfect for network marketing."

Don't force anyone to attend your company presentation or meeting. You can perfectly
invite and do it in the right way but still get no if it's not the right time to your prospect.

On the other hand, you could possibly make a mistake in inviting, but ended up get a big yes to a prospect who is open minded in opening a business. 

Now let's move on to Do's in inviting.

1. Sort out your prospects.

    To maximize your productivity and minimize wasting your money and time make sure to sort out carefully your prospect. Pre qualify them if they are fit on your business because you don't want a business partner na sakit sa ulo at hindi umaattend ng trainings di ba. Build a relationship first and make them trust you.
     I personally send my prospects, financial Ebooks to read to open their eyes in the world of business and money. I follow up with them if they already finished reading the book or started it. If they are already reading the books, they showed their interest in reading it and exerted an effort to do that.

Then I already pre qualify them. But if they told me that they don't have time and their busy I simply disqualified them. Maybe it's not the right time. So I save time not inviting them into  my business for the mean time and focus to those prospect who showed an interest. Then schedule the meeting with them.

2. Call your prospect.

    The best way to invite your prospect to attend to your business meeting/  company presentation is to call them. Because you will get an immediate answer  thru calls.

Don't use Facebook chat or text message in inviting, but use phone calls because they will feel that your purpose is important and urgent. 

3. Keep it short.

    The best practice in inviting your prospect thru call must last only 3 minutes long.
Exceeding the said time will make your prospect more asking questions about your business
Meeting will lead to uncontrolled conversation. Again be neutral. Build rapport first. Kamustahan
muna and short questions like "saan ka na nagtatrabaho?." etc. Keep it short.

Then change your mode and state your purpose.
[You] "By the way kaya pala ako napatawag, gusto ko sanang malaman kung meron kang 2-3 minutes ngayon?."
[Prospect] "Yes"
 Next is introduce your business.
"I'm engage kasi ngayon in a side project business with my few friends and acquaintance. And
the business is doing well naman. I don't know if it fits to you pero tanungnin na din kita
kung ung side project na to ay di makakaapekto sa kung anu man yung ginagawa mo ngayon,
magiging open ka ba para makita ito and meet up with me and my team to discuss with you
the details of the project?"

[Prospect] "Sure"
Next is schedule the meeting.
"Anu mas prefer mo na araw Friday o Saturday? 5 or 6 pm? "
[Saturday, 6pm]
Okay itext ko na lang sayo ung details ng meeting. Confirm mo na lang if natanggap mo.

   This is only a sample script  and don't use it yet because this is not complete. You might receive objections and unexpected questions tulad ng "Networking ba yan?", Magbebenta ba jan?" etc. Don't worry because we will discuss it further in my next article.

4. Always ask the question.

   The one who ask the question controls the conversation. Huwag mong hayaan na ikaw ang tanungin
ng tanungin ng prospect mo. Kapag nangyari un for sure di mo na makokontrol ang usapan niyo 
dahil ikaw nalang ang sagot ng sagot at siya na ang may kontrol sa pag uusap niyo.

If your prospect ask you a question, immediately answer it and proceed on your script. It is important to have your script with you so you won't lost on what to say next.Always end the conversation with a question so they will answer it. 

Note: We tend to avoid people misconceptions about our industry so we tend to be neutral in
every answer we give to them during inviting period.

  And that's it your do's and don'ts in inviting. If you found it valuable feel free to share with your friends and team.
 If you got benefit from this feel free to comment.

      Your friend to success,

Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 Popular Sayings on Money You Should Never Believe

     If you grew up in a typical Filipino household, chances are you’ve been taught to believe several of the sayings I’ll be talking about in this article. These sayings about money have been passed from your grandparents, to your parents, and finally to you. And if/when you have your own children, chances are that you’ll also pass these sayings on to them.

     These beliefs have become repeated over and over again that to question their validity seems outrageous. The regrettable part is that having these beliefs actually gets in the way of building wealth. I would say most millionaires don’t agree with any of these beliefs.

    This is very critical because our thoughts (and beliefs) determine our feelings, feelings determine our emotions, emotions determine our actions, and actions determine our destiny. This is why having the wrong beliefs about money will greatly affect the fulfillment of your financial destiny. My goal in this post is that you set your beliefs straight, so your path to wealth will also be straight. So forget that…

1. Money isn’t that important.    

      While love makes the world go round, it can’t buy you food nor can it pay your bills and other expenses. Saying money isn’t that important may sound insightful, romantic and wise, but it’s just plain wrong. Rich people know that money is extremely important for aspects wherein it’s appropriate. Likewise, it is extremely unimportant for aspects wherein it’s inappropriate.The lesson here is that money, family and relationships are all equally important. You don’t need to choose between them, because you can choose all of them! 

2. You need money to make money.  

   In the world of investing, it’s true that the more money you have, the more money you can make. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money if you don’t have any. Money is just a physical symbol / representation of anything that has value. This means you can make money with your time, skills, knowledge, or expertise. And the higher the value of the service or product, the more money it makes. For instance:
  • Sending a text to someone in the country – P1
  • Helping someone back out of a street parking – P5
  • Providing unlimited internet access for a month – P999
  • Servicing a company’s clients for a month – P20000
   The lesson here is to not limit the ways by which you can make money. If you’re feeling you’re not making enough, what you can do is increase the value you provide to the people around you. 

3. It is better to give than to receive.

      This is always part of any message asking for donations, almost as if giving something to someone makes you a better person than them. Here’s the thing: giving and receiving are equally important. For every giver, there must be a receiver. And for every receiver there must be a giver!   Giving everything away without taking anything might seem noble, but it’s highly unsustainable. Sooner or later, you’ll run out of things to give. This is very important to know since most of us are very good givers, but poor receivers. As poor receivers, we’re also afraid to ask for the things we need and want in life.The lesson here is to be a better receiver, and ask for what you want – ask for that promotion, ask for capital, ask for a mentor, and ask for money! If you do not ask, you do not receive. And if you do not receive, you cannot give. 

4. Money is the root of all evil.   

     Money is neutral; it’s neither good nor evil. Money is just a magnifying glass that amplifies the person. Give it to a good person and it will be used for good. Give it to an evil person and it will be used for evil.  Money feeds and clothes the poor. Money builds schools and hospitals. Money buys votes, and silences witnesses.If you’re a good person, I pray for your wallet so that you may bless others with your money. Otherwise, I pray for your soul so that you may use your blessings for the good. 

5. It’s enough to live the simple life.  

     Ah, the simple life. It’s all about having just enough: a just-right home, a just-right car, and a just-right income. It’s also about having a just-right vacation, a just-right education, and of course a just-right emergency. Wait… what!?You read that right. A just-right emergency! It’s an emergency that will first look at how much you can afford. Then, it will only take that amount from you. Don’t you just love planning just-right emergencies? (I think you know where this is going already…)“Just-right emergencies” never happen. While many of us want the simple life, the rest of the world is complicated. Accidents are complicated. Sicknesses are complicated. Retrenchments and recessions are complicated. Not to mention costly.The key point here is to redefine what a simple life is. To me, a simple life is not about having just-enough. It’s about having more than enough, so that when something happens, I wouldn’t need to worry. A simpler life is about not having to worry about money. It’s about having multiple options, but choosing the ‘just-enough’ one. 

6. Money can cause a lot of problems.    

    I find it funny that an inanimate object is being blamed for the problems of living things. Again, money is just a tool used by people. If you give money to an incompetent person, he’s sure to create problems. Give it to a wise and intelligent person, it will be used to create value and bless others. 

7. It’s more difficult to get rich these days.   

    This idea is hard to disprove. At the same time it’s also hard to prove. At this point, you could believe one of two statements: (1) It’s more difficult to get rich today, or (2) getting rich has never been easier today. With a lack of measurable evidence, there is no reason why you should believe the more negative statement. Believing in the negative statement just gives you an excuse to be complacent and turn a blind eye to opportunities for action.The right attitude is that no matter what decade it is, there are always opportunities to get richer. With this perspective, you have no excuses, no alibis. You only have a reason to act now.

 8. It’s selfish to have so much when there are people who have so little    

   You’re in a swimming pool and you see a person fall in the deep end and start to drown. Which would be the better solution: swim to him and save him, or drown yourself also? The answer to this clearly shows why this is such a bad money belief.Not aspiring to be rich just because others are poor doesn’t do anyone a favor. You have the capacity to be rich, and with that capacity is the power to help the poor. Just for a minute think in the shoes of a person who is starving from hunger. Which person would you rather meet: A person who is also starving, a person who has just enough food for himself, or a person who has more than enough food for both of you? 

9. If I have a lot of money, I can’t enter heaven.    

    God really does love the poor, no one can deny that. But never did he say that he didn’t love the rich. In fact, God loves the rich very much that he left several guidelines in the Bible so that the rich don’t go astray. He warns the rich to be careful not to let their money get in the way of their love for God.Now, I’m neither a preacher nor a Bible expert, but I truly believe that the amount of money that I have will have nothing to do whether I go to heaven or not. What will matter is what I do with the money I have been given and blessed with. 10. Work smarter, not harder.     When this was taught to me in college I subscribed to it instantly. Unfortunately, I believed in “working smart” so much, that I forgot that I still had to work. I misunderstood smart work as easy work, so much that whenever I came across a hard and difficult task, I just dismissed it as an inefficiency of life. After years this and being left only with unrealized potential, I’ve decided to not only work smart, but to also work hard. So if you’re already a hard worker, work smarter. If you’re already a smart worker, keep on working smart!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Handle Objection When Your Prospect Heard Bad News About Your Company

 Nowadays, many people use the internet to access the latest news, weather, sports reports,
entertainment etc. When there was an article written in a newspaper or magazine it
only circulated or last for several months. Example of this is a magazine in a dental
clinic, when the magazine article only around for 3 months because it will be outdated.

But today, in the internet anyone can search for anything that has been written and said.
And I think the worst thing about it is everybody can say and write anything  on the
internet. And many people do not know how to evaluate the information they read, watch or hear.

So there's a possibility that your prospect search the company that you are involved in on the
internet before he decide to join you. What if there is some negative news on the internet about
your company? How will you handle it??

General VS Specific Objections

Let’s suppose your company is named “XYZ.” When someone types “XYZ” into a search engine,
an article comes up “XYZ scam.” That’s probably not a company specific article – that’s a general
MLM article using 50 year old objections.
If there’s something specific to your company, find out (either from your upline or calling your company)
if there’s an official response for the specific accusation. That way, if your prospect asks you about
something (or you decide to share something with them) you can respond, “I have the company’s
official response to that.”

When to Discuss?

You will have to decide whether you offer the negative information to your prospect prior
to them finding it on their own – or if you wait to see if they find it and then try to handle it.

 If they find the negative content ON THEIR OWN within the first 2 weeks without you discussing
it with them, they will feel you’ve scammed them.

There some ways to bring this up or discuss it with people, it would be on either
be in follow up conversation or in their first training session.

1. Do you quit easily?

Go through a more thorough “qualifying” with them to ensure you wanted to invest your full effort
and time into them. You set up these qualifying questions by saying something like,
“John, I don’t want to offend you in what I’m going to ask, but if you and I are going
to be business partners I need to know what kind of person you are. You see, I don’t know
 if you’re the type of person who quits things at the first sign of adversity, or if you’re
the type of person who accomplishes  what you set out to do regardless of the adversity
and difficulty. In your own view of yourself, do you quit things easily?”

Then listen to their response – you truly are qualifying them!
Ask it as a concerned business owner who wants to know if their partner is a quitter.

2.Do You Believe Everything You Read?

Then say something like, “There have been positive, neutral and negative articles written
 in the past about my company and there will probably be more of each in the future.
I need your commitment – and I will make the same commitment to you – that you will make
your decisions based on facts and that you will not run at the first sign of adversity.
Do I have your commitment on that?”

If they agree, you can discuss the negativity at that time or wait until their first training.

Next Steps: When communicating with your prospect about negativity they’ve read or heard,
 it’s important to use the correct amount of confidence. Not too much and not too little.
 This is one of the Ten Communication Qualities that, used well, will cause your prospects
 to listen to you and follow your suggestions.

  And I hope it helps to all of you.

  Thank you very much

  Your friend to success,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Revealed! Why MLM is Shape Like a Pyramid

Pyramiding yan!

"Di ba pyramiding yan?."

"Di ba scam yan, hugis pyramid yan eh."

"Mga nauna lang kumikita jan kasi Pyramid."

Madalas ka bang makarinig o maka encouter ng mga ganitong objection?

Ang MLM ay hugis triangle, so ang ibig sabihin ba niyan ang scam yan tama ba??

Kadalasan ang mga taong uninformed about sa ganitong business na ang
shape (gometrical shape or polygonal base or triangle) ng mga MLM companies
ay basehan para maging illegal pyramid scheme ito. This is a big FALSE.

Many organization are pyramid-shaped but doesn't mean that it is a pyramid scheme.
Say for example, yung family tree niyo ay pyramid shape. Government's organizational
chart is also in the shape of pyramid. Ang tawag dito ay chain of command. Even sa mga
traditional business organization is a pyramid shape- it is called management.

Ang dahilan kung bakit hugis pyramid ang LAHAT ng organization ay dahil
ang isang tao ay may kapasidad at kakayahan lamang na mag manage o humawak ng limitadong
tao bago ito lumaki at mangailangan siya ng tulong ng ibang tao para magtrabaho.

Imagine mo to, halimbawa nag tayo ka ng negosyo tulad ng maliit na kainan, gaano kadaming customer ang kaya mong hainan ng pagkain at asikasuhin bago ka mag hire ng makakatulong sa negosyo mo? Kung magha-hire ka ng dalawang makakatulong mo it becomes the shape of the triangle or pyramid. Sa negosyo naman natin sa MLM, kapag may na sponsor ka na tao ang gagawin mo ay i-train sila how to promote and market your products and oppurtunity effectively. This is because a single person can only handle so much activity before they require another person to lessen their workload. The pyramid-shape of an MLM compensation plan doesn't mean that its' a scam or illegal pyramid scheme.

Multi-level pay plan

Minsan ang mga taong uninformed sa ganitong sistema, iniisip nila na kapag binayaran ka ng company in "multiple levels" yun ay illegal pyramid.Not true: many franchise companies pay multiple levels. In typical sales organizations, managers get a percentage of what the sales
representative sell. This is multi-level marketing. The fact that an organization pays on multiple levels does not make it an illegal scheme.

I hope may natutunan ka ulit sa mga nabasa mo ngayong araw. Alam mo na ngayon kung panu ipapaliwanag kung bakit pyramid shape ang isang organization lalo na ang MLM.

Thank you so much,

 Your friend to success,

Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

Good day

May tanong pala ako sayo.Nabasa mo na ba ung libro na Secrets of the Millionaire Mind na sinulat ni Harv T. Eker?
Kung hindi pa I will share to you a little background about sa book na ito.

This book pertaining to how rich people think differently from poor people.

American famous author Napoleon Hill once said,
"Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved."

For sure ilang beses mo na narinig o nabasa ang quote na yan:)

What does this mean? It implies that your THOUGHTS lead to feelings, FEELINGS lead to ACTIONS, and your actions lead to your RESULTS.

Ano ang importance nito sa business mo? This simply imply that you need first to acquire enough knowledge, skills to feed your mind so that your actions will produce amazing results. Your outside
world is the reflection of your inner world. Mapapansin mo sa post sa fb or other social media, puro negative ang makikita at mabababasa mo its because negative thoughts ang nai-input sa isipan nila
kaya negative din ang resulta ng ginagawa nila.

Everything begins with your thoughts- which are produced by your mind.

" You can chose to think in ways that will support you
in your happiness and success instead of ways that don't."
- Harv T. Eker

Are you ready [[first name]] na malaman na ang pagkakaiba ng pagiisip ng Rich people compare to Poor people?

#1 Wealth File
  Rich people believe "I create my life." Poor people believe "Life happens to me." 

Naniniwala ka ba sa destiny?(hehe). Kung gusto mo talaga makamit ang mga pangarap mo ,mga gusto mo sa buhay, at umasenso importanteng malaman mo at paniwalaan mo na ikaw ang may hawak at may control ng buhay mo. Walang iba kundi ikaw, hindi nanay mo, hindi kapitbahay mo, hindi boss mo kundi IKAW lang.

Kung hindi ka naniniwala dito, ibig mo lang sabihin na wala ka ding control sa financial success mo.
Kailangan mong maniwala sa sarili mo na kaya mo. May kasabihan nga tayo kung ipinanganak kang mahirap it's not your fault pero if believe na hanggang dun ka na lang at wala kang ginawang paraan para mabago ang estado ng buhay mo I would say it's already your fault. So claim that everything that happens to your life is the  product of decision and action.

#2 Wealth File
Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.

Tatanungin kita gusto mo bang yumaman? Natural ang isasagot mo ay oo. Sino ba naman ang ayaw yumaman at umasenso di ba? Lahat tayo gusto makuha pangarap natin. Pero hindi lahat ay willing mag sacrifice o gumawa ng paraan para makuha yun.  Millions of people or even billions of people want to be rich but quite few can achieve.

Wanting is not enough. Wanting alone is useless. Rich people committed to be rich. To commit is to devote oneself unreservedly. It means giving your 100 percent ability to do whatever it takes, no giving up, no holding back, fear and failure is not the option.Willing to sacrifice your sleep, giving up your hobbies, even seeing your family for a moment. That's the different between the rich and the poor. Again rich people are committed to do whatever it takes.

There's no abiding success without commitment.
 -Anthony Robbins

#3 Wealth File 
Rich people think big. Poor people think small.

Pamilyar ka ba sa simpleng buhay? For sure maraming beses mo na narinig yan "gusto ko lang ng simpleng buhay."
For my opinion "simpleng buhay" doesn't exist because there no such thing as "simpleng chicken" if you want to buy chicken in the supermarket or "simpleng operasyon" kapag nangailangan ka ng operasyon sa ospital:)
You choose, to become rich person or to become poor. Because being wealthy is a choice. Wealth is a choice and poverty is the result of not making that choice.
Being rich is not just about the money you have but how much value you deliver to the world. It's all about contributing to others. The more people you serve the more you become successful. Just like in the network marketing business. Hindi ba malaki ang pagkakaiba ng income ng taong may
sampung downlines sa taong may sampung libong downlines? Tama di ba. Again the more people you serve and help them to solve their problems the more you become successful
mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course financially.

#4 Wealth File 
Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.

Bakit nga ba napakarami pa ring na mga Pinoy ang naghihirap ngayon financally? Para saken kaya
mas maraming populasyon ng Pilipino ang mahirap it's because they are not financially literate.
Hindi naman kasi tinuturo sa eskwelahan kung paano ka magkakaroon ng knowledge  how to save, manage  and invest your hard earned money. Sa madaling salita as your financial education increases you will  start recognize  financial opportunity everywhere. And that's why rich people see opportunity while poor people focus  on their obstacles. Poor people always focus on their problem instead focus on the solution. Sa madaling salita  what you focus on expands. If you focus on oppurtunity yun ang mahahanap mo at maa-attract. If you focus on obstacles un ang mahahanap mo at maa-attract mo. And this one of the advice na natutunan ko, If want to become rich focus on making, keeping and investing your money. If you want to get poor focus on spending your money.

#5 Wealth File
Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich
and successful people.

Naalala ko one time nang may niyaya ako na sumama saken na manuod ng car show event. Sympre madaming magagara at magagandang sasakyan dun.Then ang response sa akin ng taong niyaya ko ay  "Naku, magpapayabangan lang naman ang mga may ari ng mga kotse dun."

You need to realize if you view rich people as a bad person and you want to be a good person it is impossible  for you to become rich.Paano mo magiging katulad ang isang taong hindi mo gusto?
Another misconception is you cannot be rich and a good person or rich and spiritual.
For sure marami kang alam na iba ang tingin sa mga mayayamang tao, dahil na rin siguro sa impluwensya ng media at ng society natin. At marami ding nag iisip na kapag yumaman sila ay magiging masama silang tao.

Karamihan sa mayayamang tao sila pa nga ang nagpapagawa ng mga simbahan at nag do-donate talaga sa mga charity. Becoming rich will only make you more of what you are. Let practice ourselves to admire and bless rich people. So when the time comes and you become rich other people will also bless and admire you.

And that's it.I hope na may natutunan ka sa mga list na yan how rich people think differently from poor people. Ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat ay i-apply natin sa totoong buhay lahat ng natutunan sa mga nababasa nating libro.

Kung nabitin ka sa mga list na nilagay ko you can download the eBook of The Secrets of the Millionaire here:

Grab it and Download the Book

Enjoy reading and learn a lot!

 Your friend to success,